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Apistocracy: The Launch Collection - Art Prints 

To commemorate the Apistocracy Kickstarter launch I drew original illustrations of clocks in various cities featuring the launch date and time. 

Find the city in your time zone, download a copy and if you are so inclined, please share it on your social media! Please tag @apistocracy on IG and FB.

Click below to download a printable PDF of your favorite illustration!

Heather Dixon is the copyright owner for all artwork on this website. The above artworks may be viewed and downloaded.  It is fair use for a single copy of each image to be produced for personal or educational purposes. No reproductions may be made of any of the artworks from this website for commercial use for any reason without written permission from Heather Dixon.


The Rules

Working Draft

The Apistocracy Rule Book is still being edited. To see the latest working version follow the link above. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out!  I often find a new set of eyes can catch things
that I have otherwise missed. 


Mother's Day Card

The mothers and the other women that make a positive impact in a child's life are deserving of celebration on Mother's Day and everyday. If you have filled that role, then know that you are amazing! If there are people who have filled that role for you, then let them know the impact they have
made in your life!



If you like pretty things and you like playing cards you may create your own Victorian fan card holder.

Click below to download the printable PDF with illustration and instructions.

May you always play the cards you are dealt exceedingly well... and with panache!

The London Season Begins Soon!
We are currently playtesting and refining Apistocracy & we are eager  to hear from you! Any questions, suggestions or just a simple "Hello" are appreciated.


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