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Game Designer & Artist



"I am an artist by trade and game designer by hobby."

Since my college days as a studio art major, where I focused on printmaking, I have worn many creative hats. 

I have been Art Director at LivyLu + LivGoods, an apparel and lifestyle company, since 2015.

Additional hats I have worn include that of Managing and Marketing Director at a regional theater company,

a muralist, a portraitist and a teacher. As shown on my joker card, I have been donning a pierrot hat as I have been creating Apistocracy. It is proving to be my most absurdly fun and creative, figurative hat to date.

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Special thanks to fellow joker Kris Becker for being a sounding board, go-to playtester and jack of all trades. But most of all, thanks for being a supportive friend who has played far more board games with me in the last few years then you possibly could have wished.

Special thanks to Avery Dixon, aka Lord Avery, For playtesting A LOT, attending cons A LOT and donning the occasional top hat in an attempt to help me develop and promote Apistocracy.

Special Thanks to Tuesday Becker, aka Lady Tuesday, for lending your film and production expertise even when it required spending one of Austin's hottest days in a greenhouse in full Victorian costume. You have an amazing creative talent!

Lastly, but certainly not least, a special thank you to the 100 + playtesters who have helped make Apistocracy come to life. From my husband Dave and my local game design colleagues, who have played countless times, to the many amazing people I have met in playtest halls, unpub rooms, prototype alleys, prototype rows and general gaming halls who have played with me this past year. All of your time is greatly appreciated and has been invaluable to the process of creating the game of Apistocracy.

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